Simplificamos el proceso de fabricación para sacar a relucir el potencial de cualquier material.


Assisting Manufacturers in Success since 1969

Biesse is a world leading manufacturer of industrial machinery for manufacturing panels, solid wood, plastics and composites, backed by exceptional parts and technical support

It’s never too early to start planning your company’s ability to maximize profits, reduce labor costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure your competitive advantages. Regardless of your shop size, Biesse has scalable and flexible solutions to meet your needs.

See how the Biesse experience can ensure your competitive advantages:

• Over 67,000 customers world-wide

• 4200 employees behind every machine

Global Support with subsidiaries in 39 countries

• Continuous investment in R&D

• Over 200 active patents

• Award winning Sophia IoT platform that connects your machine to the world of technical support. 

Integrate and Automate:

When you invest in a Biesse machine, you invest in your future. The power of Biesse technology is the ability to connect your machines easily and successfully to additional production machinery, robots, automation and after sales support to ensure efficiency as your company grows, creating the smart, connected factory.

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“We worked with Biesse to redesign the FTT,” said Ron Devillez, Director of Process Engineering for Kimball International. “They said, here’s how the machine works, now, how do you want it to work?”

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