Flexibility and Ease of Use

Biesse’s new Multifunctional Plug & Play Knife Unit is easy to use and quick to convert to a high frequency or long stroke oscillating knife, tangential knife, kiss cut, creasing or circular blade unit and equipped with a vision camera for reading printed registration marks. The perfect solution for maximum production of printed products, Expanded PET, Forex, foams, honeycombs, rubber, corrugated paper, as well as for the fabrication of plastic materials and much more.

The C-axis motor is prearranged to house each of these groups for quick and easy tool change

  • High frequency oscillation knife unit
  • Long stroke oscillation unit
  • Creasing wheel tool
  • Tangential drag knife tool
  • Kiss cut tool
  • Wheel knife cut tool
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Optional on Biesse CNC Machinery

Air Ring Blower & Lubrication

Air Ring Blower: With multiple holes directed toward cutting edge to cool the knife during cutting operations through air blowing. Suitable for hard materials that cannot be lubricated / soft materials that can be cut at high speed.

Lubrication Nozzle: Suitable for vulcanized rubber and other hard materials.

Video Camera: The unit can be fitted with a video camera accessory for the management of print markers, an option that’s particularly well-suited to the graphic arts sector.

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