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Biesse designs, manufactures and distributes systems and machines for shaping wood, glass, stone, plastic and composite materials.

Come and visit us at LIGNA 15 - 19 May 2023 Hannover, Germany - Hall 11 




Can you tell us about Biesse’s presence at LIGNA this year? What are the highlights and focus themes? 
A great emphasis will be placed on automated solutions, which ensure a decisive increase in production and the complete reliability of both the production process and the loading and unloading operations. Visitors will get a first-hand look at an integrated plant consisting of panel sizing and nesting solutions, with automatic loading and unloading linked together thanks to SmartConnection, a software program for in-house order management. 

Specifically, what’s new – what are the most important new developments and innovations you will be showcasing? 
The focus will be on the new batch one edgebanding line with robotic loading and unloading. The dual characterization of the new product marks the beginning of a path towards sustainability which, thanks to the skills and assets available, will enable the group to recognize and assess its environmental and social impact and integrate innovation into product development processes. It is in this context that Biesse presents its new product, introducing technological innovation while also improving environmental performance. 

Biesse has invested in its re-branding. What does the new brand stand for and how will this change the company’s positioning and relationship with its customers. 
In line with the organizational evolution of the company, a desire to adopt a new visual identity emerged, to ensure that the positioning of the group and the brands were aligned, expressing the values and specifics of Biesse’s identity whilst keeping the various sectors in which it operates distinct from one another. The logo, together with the other elements of the new identity, is an expression of this profound change, and of the need to conclude a real, intense process of integration between the various companies that have entered the group following the successive acquisitions over the last 30 years. 

While North America has been much slower than Europe in adopting and implementing automation, the push for adding it has accelerated dramatically over the past couple of years, in part as the result of labour shortages. How can Biesse help? 
With dramatic labour market shortages and manufacturing labour rates continuing to increase throughout North America, there’s no doubt companies must turn towards automation to stay competitive. Biesse has developed automated solutions that are scalable and flexible so shops of all sizes are able to take advantage of the benefits. These automated solutions pay for themselves quickly with reduced labour costs alone. Additionally, they provide assurance of a consistent, reliable production output. These solutions are a direct response to the demand for smart automation in today’s manufacturing environment. 

Please also talk specifically about the North American market and the innovations you expect to do well here and why? 
As we continue in a mature phase of Industry 4.0, customers want access to data to make informed decisions. Biesse has answered this demand with both Sophia and Smart Connection. We connect to MES’s and/or ERP’s within large companies to provide two-way communication for automatic on the fly decision-making. Smaller companies are using data from other machines to manage inventory and move towards semi-automatic panel reordering as well as track edgebanding use by the specific coil. The latter allows you to not only track usage but also become more efficient in the use of the machine. 

Can you talk about service and support Biesse offers its customers (again please address North America specifically) and why that is so important? 
The shape and nature of manufacturer-provided industrial services has gone through a fundamental change, the main object of which is the determination to go far beyond earlier classic concepts of customer service. Services supplied in support of a manufacturer’s products have become the key to maintaining long-term success in the market. In other words, services are now products in their own right. 

Is there a specific new technology, machine or software to highlight? 
Smart connection, which will be driving our batch one line. This is a cell of interconnected machines using the power of Smart Connection’s scheduling power to drive the line.


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