Biesse Spreads its love of community with over 450 hand-made sandwiches

This was such a great way to celebrate the holidays and help feed the hungry in our community.
Gerri Yarbrough Biesse's North America Marketing Manager

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (December 10, 2019) – On most days of the year, the Urban Ministry Center serves 800 sandwiches to its homeless neighbors on the edge of Uptown Charlotte. When people who work at the Biesse Charlotte Campus realized that added up to almost 300,000 sandwiches a year, they signed on as sandwich-making elves to support the Center’s Operation Sandwich program.

Biesse supplied all the necessary ingredients, and employees assembled and began hand-making as many sandwiches as possible during their donated lunch hour on December 10th. When the last slice of the last loaf of bread was gone, the Biesse sandwich builders had succeeded in making over 450 sandwiches, neatly stacked and twist-tied inside delivery bags.

“This was such a great way to celebrate the holidays and help feed the hungry in our community,” said Gerri Yarbrough, Biesse’s North America Marketing Manager. “Employees who work in different areas and don’t get a chance to see each other often had fun working side-by-side. We talked, sang and urged each other on to see how many sandwiches we could make. It was a very gratifying experience that gave everyone a boost and filled us all with holiday cheer.”

The company says it was proud to join other businesses, schools, churches and families who volunteer for Operation Sandwich throughout the year with a simple goal:  to help make sure people on the street have something to eat.

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