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WinLine 16是比雅斯新门窗生产的数控多中心,专为旨在提高产量的工匠和小型企业设计,适用于需要生产小批量异形尺寸或重新制造的大中型企业。该系统可以最简单地生产标准和特殊的门窗,同时操作员可以处理其它任务;该机器只占用一小块区域和可自动且极其精确地处理零件的上料,下料和定位。

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The work table was specifically designed for door and window applications. A section of the work table is dedicated to linear processing and a second to the manufacturing of custom windows and doors (arches, hollow-core doors, squaring).

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Finger Clamps enable optimal clamping of the component. Even the shortest work piece is always secured using 2 clamps.



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Biesse WINLINE16 - Glazing Bar Processing

WinLine 16 is Biesse's new NC multi-centre for the production of doors and windows, designed for artisans and small industries aiming to increase production and for medium and large industries who need to produce small batches of unusual size or remakes.

Biesse WINLINE16 - Solidwood Arch

The system produces both standard and special doors and windows with the utmost simplicity while the operator handles other tasks; the machine only takes up a small area and handles the loading, unloading and positioning of pieces autonomously and with extreme precision.

Biesse Winline 16 - Short Element

Watch the Biesse Winline 16 in action processing a short window element.

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Fensterbau Leopold
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