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强劲实力 与高精密度结合。
Rover C是一款全新的加工中心, 可以精准地生产各种形状、 尺寸和厚度的家具、楼梯和门窗部件。 它主要设计用来进行重型加工, 可使用大型刀具和组合刀具。
全新Rover C的技术支持加工形状复杂的工件, 同时能够长时间确保质量、精度和绝对可靠性。
全新的5轴联动加工单元,支持复杂的加工作业,同 时确保质量和精度。结合5轴和4轴加工单元后,能够 加工任何类型的产品。独立的Y轴支持在机器运行 时更换工具,不影响生产周期、高轴向速度和加速度, 确保高产量。
龙门架式结构设计有助于提高加工精度和可靠性。 双X轴动力化设计可支持设备的高速和 加速运行, 同时确保高成品质量和精度。
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Optimal cleaning of machined components
Motorised conveyor belt for the removal of chips and waste. Worktops with hidden connections to provide excellent chip evacuation capacity.
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Integrated robot solutions.

Biesse offers its customers pragmatic solutions for factory automation.

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

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Loading and unloading solutions. Automated cell for machining a batch of panels or doors.

Synchro is a loading/unloading device that transforms the Rover machining centre into an automatic cell for producing a stack of panels autonomously without the need for an operator:

  • it eliminates the risk of damage in the case of heavy panels that need to be handled by 2 operators
  • it’s easy to use, because the machining centre program also contains the Synchro command instructions
  • it has limited overall dimensions, and can be positioned to the left or right of the machining centre
  • it comes with various configurations, depending on the size of the panels to be handled and the layout of the stacks.
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B_SOLID 是一种三维CAD CAM软件程 序。 由于采用设计用于特定制造工艺的垂直 模块,该程序可支持任何加工作业。
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B_CABINET 想法形成并成形
B_CABINET 是用于家具设计的bSuite插件。 其能令用户就给定的空间开发设计方 案,并能迅速识别完善方案的个别元素。

Biesse Rover C - Twisted Handrail

See Rover C 5 axis Pod and Rail processing a twisted stair component, an extremely challenging product made simple to program thanks to the Biesse Technology. Rover C is the new processing centre for manufacturing furniture, staircase and door and window components of any shape, size and thickness with ease. It was designed to be used for heavy-duty processing that requires large-size tools and aggregates.

Biesse Rover C - Solidwood Arch

See the Rover C 5 Axis, machining a solidwood arch.

Biesse Rover C - Wooden Vase with Lid

See the Rover C 5 Axis machining a wooden vase with lid. The infinite C axis allow to work 360 around the part without the need of time consuming rewiring movements.

Biesse ROVER C - Plexiglass Machining

Custom Demo of Plexiglass Machining

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