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Rover C是一款全新的加工中心, 可以精准地生产各种形状、 尺寸和厚度的家具、楼梯和门窗部件。 它主要设计用来进行重型加工, 可使用大型刀具和组合刀具。
全新Rover C的技术支持加工形状复杂的工件, 同时能够长时间确保质量、精度和绝对可靠性。
The HSD 5 interpolating axis operating unit with a power of 21.5 kW at 8,000 rpm and 360° continuous rotation on the vertical and horizontal axes, it allows the machining of pieces with complex shapes, guaranteeing quality, precision, and total reliability over time.
Absolute absence of vibrations thanks to the Gantry structure with double motorization, extremely solid and balanced, designed to raise the standards of precision and reliability in the execution of the work.
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Possibility to work even large thicknesses
The extreme stiffness of the structure allows for the processing on pieces with X / Y / Z dimensions up to 1950x8125x500 mm, and up to 2250x8125x500 mm as an option, with maximum precision and finish quality.
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Integrated robot solutions

Biesse offers its customers pragmatic solutions for factory automation.

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

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CFT: Two machines in one, guaranteed competitiveness
Rover C with bar table, convertible into a machine with continuous table, allows you to tackle also nesting, folding and thin panels.
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Set Up Assistance

For the quick, easy and controlled manual positioning of the clamping systems. The linear sensors in the work table, along with the collision control function, reduce the risk of collisions.

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Electronic Positioning System

For the quick, automatic positioning of the clamping systems in the programmed positions.

The motors, along with the collision control function, ensure controlled positioning movements to reduce the risk of collisions.

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Feedback positioning system

Evolution of the EPS system, with the addition of linear sensors that indicate the position of the carriages in real time, reducing the time needed to position them.

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It is the best performing solution on the market in terms of speed and positioning accuracy. Equipped with a motor for each work surface and for each trolley, it allows the simultaneous positioning of all locking systems. 


Loading and unloading solutions. Automated cell for machining a batch of panels or doors.

Synchro is a loading/unloading device that transforms the Rover machining centre into an automatic cell for producing a stack of panels autonomously without the need for an operator:

  • it eliminates the risk of damage in the case of heavy panels that need to be handled by 2 operators
  • it’s easy to use, because the machining centre program also contains the Synchro command instructions
  • it has limited overall dimensions, and can be positioned to the left or right of the machining centre
  • it comes with various configurations, depending on the size of the panels to be handled and the layout of the stacks.

Biesse Rover C - Twisted Handrail

See Rover C 5 axis Pod and Rail processing a twisted stair component, an extremely challenging product made simple to program thanks to the Biesse Technology. Rover C is the new processing centre for manufacturing furniture, staircase and door and window components of any shape, size and thickness with ease. It was designed to be used for heavy-duty processing that requires large-size tools and aggregates.

Biesse Rover C - Solidwood Arch

See the Rover C 5 Axis, machining a solidwood arch.

Biesse Rover C - Wooden Vase with Lid

See the Rover C 5 Axis machining a wooden vase with lid. The infinite C axis allow to work 360 around the part without the need of time consuming rewiring movements.

Biesse ROVER C - Plexiglass Machining

Custom Demo of Plexiglass Machining

Sanding and profiling with a single solution.
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