SELCO WN 7: Photo 1

Numeric controlled panel sizing centre

High productivity technology.
SELCO WN 7 is positioned at the top of the range of beam saws with one cutting line: high performance in reduced times, to meet the needs of medium and large furnituremaking companies.
Increased productivity by up to 60%, optimum management of production efficiencies and a ROI within the first year. The Twin Pusher, an exclusive patent for all Biesse beam saws, consists of two complementary pushing devices. An additional stop allows the independent sectioning of strips up to 1200mm wide.
Technological solutions for every machining need
PFS function for making cuts on soft and post-formed panels. A special NC program that ensures the perfect finish of both the entrance point and the exit profile, preventing any splintering of fragile, delicate materials (patented).
SELCO WN 7: Photo 2
Two independent cutting stations on a single beam saw.
Increase productivity by up to 60%
An auxiliary pushing device consisting of two independent grippers with numerical control side positioning. An additional stop allows the independent sectioning of strips up to 1200mm wide.
SELCO WN 7: Photo 3
A single platform to manage all machine processes.
SELCO WN 7: Photo 4
Software for SELCO WN 7
SELCO WN 7: Photo 5
Il software di ottimizzazione degli schemi di taglio, elaborati in modo da minimizzare il costo totale di lavorazione in funzione sia dell’effettivo costo del materiale che del tempo di sezionatura.
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