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B_CABINET FOUR and the fully digitalised processes for designing.

Fully digitalised processes for designing, simulating and creating solutions without limits.

The digital revolution has brought about a massive change based on technological innovation that involves production systems, companies, the market and the relationship between them and man. In this industrial context, software is interconnected and the key word is “digitalisation”.

Software and management processes are integrated in real time, new digital programs are interfaced and integrated, and with the arrival of new technologies, company competitiveness increasingly depends on rapid, flexible production. IT systems are behind this revolution/transformation and guarantee optimisation, monitoring of operations, data tracking and correct management of the stages of production.

In order to control the complexity of use and programming of machines as far as possible by interpreting and making the concepts of Factory 4.0 their own, in recent years Biesse has invested heavily in the world of software, its main aim being to make machines human. By working with a dedicated team, it develops software solutions which are conceived through close observation of the customer's everyday work, with simple interfaces designed to guarantee practical daily use of the machine.

One of these solutions is B_CABINET FOUR, a new module that supplements the tried and tested B_CABINET, software which can guarantee total control and maximum optimisation of furniture design and production to achieve a maximum level of efficiency. This is a unique solution for managing furniture production from the 3D design phase to production flow monitoring.

B_CABINET FOUR and the fully digitalised processes for designing.: Photo 1

The software, which specialises in furniture design, allows users to develop designs for a given space, and quickly identify the individual elements in it. It provides a virtual environment that replicates the actual space, where the user can design individual pieces of furniture or complete furnishing solutions with the greatest ease. The switch from design to production mode then requires just a few clicks, which means significant cost savings.

B_CABINET is a software application that can be purchased separately from the machine software (bSuite) and can also be used to operate competitors' machines in the production process. Also designed for designers and architects, B_CABINET can be used for fully customisable, quick and flexible designing of each item of furniture, panel programming for machining centres, cutting lists for panel saws, edgebanding sequences, assembly diagrams, requirement reports as well as offering a powerful photo rendering engine.

B_CABINET, in line with the principles of Industry 4.0 and through the development of services which have helped to achieve complete data digitalisation, is complemented by a new supplementary module called B_CABINET FOUR. This makes it easy to manage all the machining phases (cutting, milling, boring, edgebanding, assembly, packaging) with just one click. By controlling the materials, hardware, machining technology and data routing, B_CABINET FOUR can be used to quickly and efficiently send information which is useful to the production process to each workstation. B_CABINET FOUR includes an environment dedicated to real time monitoring of the production process. This means complete control of the order status, step by step, thanks to charts and 3D images. Each workstation receives the job order, the production sequence, additional information on each assembled part or project, the machining and cutting lists, and the PDF assembly diagram.
With B_CABINET FOUR, ideas take form and shape.

B_PROCESS is also part of the Industry 4.0 framework.
The software, with intelligent tools for product engineering through automatic integration of the machines, is an open component that unifies and centralises the interface between management and production. B_PROCESS is a logical information manager which uses rules defined in the customer's ERP to control production in the specified system.
B_PROCESS can also track production and represent it as a mimic panel so that the state of the system can be constantly monitored, both in terms of production and machine status.

Biesse also offers innovative software which can be used to access the most cutting edge technologies. With B_SUITE, design has no limits. B_SUITE is a coordinated series of perfectly-integrated software applications designed to meet every production requirement, including design, programming, simulation, implementation, factory testing and data analysis.
The suite consists of:
- B_SOLID which is a 3D CAD CAM software application that, with a single platform, supports every type of machining operation thanks to the use of vertical modules designed for specific production processes. It enables the graphic illustration of the final product and the full automation of the design, engineering and production optimisation processes.
- B_EDGE which is a bSuite plug-in which, by using the suite's design and simulation capabilities, makes edgebanding even the most complex shapes very simple. B_EDGE sequentially orders edgebanding operations (pre-edgebanding, edgebanding and post-edgebanding) to maximise efficiency and prevent any programming errors.
- B_WINDOWS which is a software application for the door and window market used to design door and window frames. Boasting enormous potential, this product allows the user to design any type of door or window frame, and is even capable of handling extremely complex projects with large numbers of components.
- B_DOORS which is a fully integrated, intuitive, practical software application for designing doors. Due to its ease of use, the B_SUITE plug-in can be used for the simplified and parametric design of door uprights and rails, the handling of routed doors and the parametric design of joints and blank horizontal and vertical slats.

The Biesse range of software includes and is complemented by a set of specific optimisers:
- B_NEST, the bSuite plug-in which can be used to easily organise your nesting projects in a straightforward way while at the same time reducing material consumption and machining times. It identifies the most efficient shaped cut sequence for flat elements and also optimises production times.

- OPTIPLANNING, the software application to optimise cutting patterns and maximise efficiency for both material costs and consumption and cutting times. It provides extremely reliable algorithms for production batches in small- and medium-sized companies and can be used to automatically import software-generated cutting lists for designing furniture and/or ERP management systems.
With its simple, user-friendly interface, it offers intelligent, assisted management of the cutting stages.

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