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Biesse at Ligna 2019: a special edition for the company's 50th anniversary.

90,000 visitors from 100 countries showed great interest in Biesse as they participated in the 5 days of the important trade show.

The 6,000 square metre stand earned the appreciation of customers, partners and the press, a gratifying response to the company's investment in increasingly efficient services, innovative products and an even greater local presence to the benefit of customers.
We showed those visiting LIGNA that we will stand by them for the creation of factories that are not only smarter and more efficient, but also a better place to live, environments where a person's actions are valorised and activities produce greater results. Our customers understand this and have taken up the challenge, turning to us for significant investments - amounting to 40 Million Euros in incoming orders to be confirmed
Federico Broccoli Wood Division Director/Sales & Subsidiaries Division Director

The Digital Hub in the middle of the stand guided customers on a journey through the various phases of construction for the Factory 4.0 by means of a simulation of the processes, the machining, the planning software and the optimisation and programming of the production plants, all the way to the selection of the services available for monitoring progress and increasing productivity and all the services offered by SOPHIA.

In addition, three completely automated process lines showed customers the results that can be achieved with customised, flexible production. The stand saw the début of the new Stream A Smart and Akron 1100 edgebanding machines, the new Uniteam RC machining centres for housing, and the new FPS (Feedback Positioning System) work tables for the Rover machining centres. 7 ROS (Robotically Operated Systems) served the cutting, boring, smoothing and CNC machines.

Several important announcements were made: the inauguration of the new Campus in Moscow with over 2,100 square metres, as well as a renewed invitation to participate in the Grand Opening for the new Campus in Ulm, set for 24 to 26 October 2019. Biesse announced a new partnership with LIDTECH, a further demonstration of its attention to the Russian market.

Studies in the sector (Acimall, VDMA, Ucimu) have shown a significant decline in demand over the first 5 months of 2019, after an extremely positive 5-year cycle (2014-2018). But Biesse's performance at LIGNA confirms that our ability to innovate and stand by our customers, with a localised distribution network and an excellent portfolio of services, guarantees success even in less favourable political and economic environments. This means we can protect investments in products, services and the markets where we operate, being certain that we are on the right track to keep consolidating our leadership around the world
Managing Director of the Group Stefano Porcellini

Other presentations at LIGNA included the official announcement of the “P&W, Plug & Work” project, which is based on “OPC UA” (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) standards and stems from collaboration with Eumabois and VDMA. The project is backed by the OPC Foundation as it aims to establish a standard semantic architecture for the wood sector.

In order to strengthen the perfect synchrony of man and machine, Biesse launched a new institutional campaign at Ligna Ready, it’s tomorrow, whose goal is to accompany customers in a search where a language, known as ALPHABYTE, is the absolute star and the symbol of the perfect harmony of technology and ingenuity.

Three evenings were dedicated to celebrating the company's 50th anniversary with customers and featured the performance of The Hidden Sound. Biesse highlighted the relationship between man and technology, bringing out the hidden side of machines. The study, developed in collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale and NeuNau, enhanced the internal sound of machines, which is not audible to the human ear, by means of an absolutely unique symphonic composition.

The next chance to learn about automated solutions by Biesse will be the AWFS in Las Vegas, from 17 to 20 July 2019.