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Ligna 2019

27-31 May 2019 시간표보기
Hannover, Germany 지도에서 보기
The Biesse digital factory at LIGNA 2019: a winning alliance between man and robot.

At LIGNA, Biesse is presenting the future of Industry 4.0: 6000 square metres where automation and interconnection become an even more effective spur and bring to life the Automaction concept - Biesse's constant innovative spirit.

Three completely automated process solutions, from raw materials to the finished product, will highlight the results of an evolved production system that's attentive and efficient, personalised and flexible. For this reason, Biesse has set up the Testimonial in Automaction project to establish close collaboration with three top design names who work at international level and share the same values and production principles.

One fully automated solution will be able to produce up to 1,500 panels per shift. Thanks to its collaboration with CUBO DESIGN, Biesse can demonstrate how to produce a complete kitchen with flexible, top-performing systems, displaying its production line directly on the stand.

The second automated solution is the result of collaboration with LAGO, an Italian design brand that makes furniture for every area in the home. Up to 1,000 panels can be produced during every shift with this product for the living/sleeping area - a solution that brings together the latest ideas in flexibility with regards to sectioning and robot-assisted machines. The third solution will produce up to 600 panels per shift, and is especially recommended for manufacturers of bathroom furniture and shop fittings. Emerging from the collaboration with BMT BAGNI, it highlights the advantages of a company that fully exploits all the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, including machines with additional automatic systems, robots and software for integrated production management.

The personnel on the stand will demonstrate a total of 49 solutions aimed at all the manufacturing companies, from large-scale with notable production volumes to businesses looking for flexibility and personalisation and small firms that can be transformed into real “smart factories”.

Square meters of exhibiting space
Technologies on display
Biesse experts
ROS Robotically Operated System
Ligna: Photo 1
AKRON 1100. Quality has never been this easy.
Akron 1100 is the smallest automatic single-sided edgebanding machine of the range and is the only one of its kind on the market. It’s designed for small-scale artisans and companies looking for user-friendliness and optimum quality - common features of all Biesse products.
Ligna: Photo 2
UNITEAM RC : l’équilibre parfait entre précision et productivité.
Uniteam RC is the new, compact, top-performance machining centre for beams and partitions for creating prefabricated panels and frame structures. Ideal for small- and medium-sized firms that want to respond to the most complex demands of modern design.
Ligna: Photo 3
Rover A Edge15/18 is the new edgebanding NC centre with a gantry structure, designed to produce shaped, edgebanded panels on a single machine. The ideal solution for artisans and small/medium-sized businesses requiring excellent machining quality and ease of use with long-term reliability.
Ligna: Photo 4
Stream A SMART is the new range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines, designed for artisan producers and small companies looking for ease of use and customised production.
Ligna: Photo 5
The automated magazine for the optimised management of panels for large contract manufacturers, which guarantees production with reduced times and costs.
Ligna: Photo 6
특히 단일 부품용 또는 소형 시리즈용으로 설계되었기 때문에 중소기업의 니즈를 충족시킬 수 있는 패널 사이징 센터군.
Ligna: Photo 7
ROS (Robotically Operated System)
Ideal for rail boring-insertion lines. Seamlessly integrated with CNC for the machining of doors with waste and strip management.

The future is already here.

Biesse will also be presenting its ROS (Robotically Operated System) integrated robots for handling panels, ensuring efficiency and versatility without the need for the operator's intervention. The ROS robots will provide support for the sectioning, boring, smoothing and CNC machines.

In the search for optimum finish quality, lower consumption and easy use, Biesse is presenting Ray Force System - the revolutionary new method for applying edgebanding strips to shaped panels thanks to an exclusive technique based on the melting of a reactive layer with the use of infrared lamps.

Another solution on display will be the Rover machining centre, always at the top in terms of reliability but now enhanced even further thanks to the new FPS tables that improve speed and productivity. Edgebanding discovers new levels of compactness with the Akron 1100, a new automatic single-sided edgebanding machine for artisans and small businesses.

In Hall 11 visitors will also be able to get a close-up view of technologies dedicated to the construction world: alongside the Uniteam E-MIX, a machining centre specifically designed for CLT machining, LIGNA will also see the début of the Uniteam RC, a new entry-level machining centre for beams and partitions for creating prefabricated panels and frame structures. Ideal for small- and medium-sized firms that want to respond to the most complex demands of modern design.

The stand will rotate around the Digital Hub - a link between the software packages - where visitors can examine the true heart of the applications installed on Biesse technologies: from SOPHIA to B_CABINET, from B_PROCESS and B_AVANT to B_SUITE and OPTIPLANNING, the hub of the digital connections of the platforms will be on show in the dedicated area, with specialised technical personnel on hand.

One unmissable feature is SOPHIA, the IoT service platform, whose new functions focus on predictability with the aim of improving the personalised interaction with the customer on the basis of the machine, and reducing assistance times even further.


Creativity, software, technology: design becomes art.

Masterpieces made of wood, natural sculptures forged by human creativity and the millimetric precision of technology. Ellipse and Leon are two unique pieces, exhibited as part of the day of Italian design in Mumbai this past March, and now on show at Biesse booth at Ligna exhibition. Designed by the Indian Bram Woodcrafting Studio, these design objects are the result of the combination between the power of Rover A CNC machining centre and bSolid software.

Ligna: Photo 8
Ligna: Photo 9
Ligna: Photo 10

Il Suono Nascosto: transforming noise into harmony.

Machining centres at the service of art and creativity, no longer simply manufacturing tools, but protagonists in their own right taking centre stage. The result is a symphonic composition like nothing else in the world: not violins, percussion or wind instruments, but Biesse machines. At Ligna, Biesse will celebrate the company's 50th anniversary with an exceptional performance: Il Suono Nascosto (The Hidden Sound) is a research project focused on the sound of Biesse, which highlights the relationship between man and technology, and is designed to reveal the "hidden/emotional" side of machines. The study, which is the result of a project in collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale and NeuNau, aims to enhance the internal sound of machines, which is not audible to the human ear: accordingly, it will unveil a degree of expression never seen before, translating the power of movement into sound power, and transforming noise into music.

Ligna: Photo 11
Ligna: Photo 12
Ligna: Photo 13
Ligna: Photo 14

People and machine, the same language.

Non-stop research and innovation that defines the language of tomorrow, keeping genius and technology in perfect harmony. This is the aim of the Ready, It's Tomorrow project, launched at Ligna 2019 in occasion of the anniversary of the Group: this project investigate the relationship between man and technology, an agreement sanctioned by a common language, which Alphabyte designs to a give a name to new challenges.

Ligna: Photo 15
Ligna: Photo 16

Make 50 Years: future makes history.

A special edition of MAKE, the magazine that presents Biesse to the world, is also set to be launched at LIGNA. The new edition will feature a new headline and refined but modern graphics, and will tell the story of the past 50 years of the company, as well as the 50 years that await us. CINQUANTA, intentionally left in Italian, is the key word around which this special edition is centred, and as ever, the magazine will be available throughout the world during the trade fairs and events in which Biesse takes part, celebrating history and imagining the future through a fascinating combination of interviews and customer stories which share a focus on the future, in addition to reflections from the experts, engineers, architects and designers who are already shaping this future.

Ligna: Photo 17
Ligna: Photo 18
Premium partnership
Partners in Automaction
Premium partnership

By combining the sensors of intelligent machines with the Accenture IoT solutions, developed on the Microsoft Azure platform, SOPHIA allows the real-time sending of information and data on the technologies in use to optimize performance and productivity.

Since 2017 Biesse is Accenture partner and has given life to SOPHIA, the IoT platform able to enable its customers to a wide range of services to simplify and optimize work management.

Partner in the realization of integrated robotic systems, Bacci Automation offers robots dedicated to the manipulation of the panels in order to obtain versatility and efficiency facilitating the work of the operator with the machine.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and through the analysis of the logistic processes of its customers, Elettric80 anticipated, more than twenty-five years ago, the concept of Industry 4.0: the intelligent, interconnected and digitalized factory.

BEMA tailor made solutions allow to manage all the activities of the supply chain ensuring a significant increase in factory efficiency and total traceability of the products handled.
Ligna: Photo 19
Ligna: Photo 20
Ligna: Photo 21
Ligna: Photo 22
Ligna: Photo 23
Ligna: Photo 24
Ligna: Photo 25
Ligna: Photo 26
Ligna: Photo 27
Ligna: Photo 28
Ligna: Photo 29
Ligna: Photo 30
Ligna: Photo 31
Technologies in action

목재 가공 센터

Rover C

모든 형태, 크기 및 두께의 가구, 계단과 도어 및 창문 구성 요소를 쉽게 제조하기 위한 새로운 처리 센터

목재 가공 센터

로버 B 에지(Rover B Edge)

로버 B 에지(Rover B Edge) 범위의 에지밴딩 머시닝 센터를 사용하면 사용자가 단일 기계에서 패널을 성형하고 에지밴딩하기 위한 가공 작업을 수행할 수 있습니다.

목재 가공 센터

로버(Rover) A FT

Easy and compact machining center for high quality NC nesting production.

목재 가공 센터

Rover A FT

로버(Rover) A FT는 네스팅 작업을 위한 새로운 고성능 머시닝 센터입니다. 콤팩트하고 효율적인 갠트리 구조의 로버(Rover) A FT는 최고의 기술을 제공하고 모든 가공 작업에서 최적의 정밀도를 보장합니다.

목재 가공 센터


Flexible and productive solution for windows and doors application.

목재 가공 센터


로버(Rover) A 은 갠트리 구조를 가진 유연하고 새로운 고성능 NC 머시닝 센터로 모든 유형의 요소를 신속하게 우수한 결과를 얻을 수 있도록 가공할 수 있는 제품에 투자하려는 고객을 위해 설계되었습니다.

목재 가공 센터

로버(Rover) B FT

로버(Rover) B FT 네스팅 머시닝 센터는 이 부문의 품질 및 생산성 표준을 높입니다. 그 구조와 다양한 구성이 가능한 덕분에 모든 유형의 적용처에 적합한 조각 생산을 위해 중대형 회사의 작업 리듬과 보조를 맞추어 갈 수 있습니다.

목재 가공 센터

로버 A 에지(Rover A Edge) 15/18

로버 A 에지(Rover A Edge)15/15는 단일 기계에 모양이 있는 에지밴딩 된 패널을 생산하기 위해 설계된 갠트리 구조를 가진 새로운 에지밴딩 CNC 센터입니다.

에지밴딩 기계


롤 또는 스트립의 가장자리 처리 작업을 위한 다양한 단면 에지밴딩 머신

에지밴딩 기계


Stream A는 생산 용량을 늘리고자 하는 중견 기업을 대상으로 하는 자동화된 단면 에지밴딩 기계 제품군입니다

에지밴딩 기계

스트림 A 스마트

Stream A SMART는 사용 편의성과 맞춤형 생산을 원하는 장인 생산자와 소기업을 위해 설계된 새로운 자동 단면 가장자리 밴딩 기계입니다.

샌딩 및 눈금 측정 기계

오페라(OPERA) 5

Opera 5 is the modular finishing centre that can be used in any type of application; it represents the ultimate expression of configurability

샌딩 및 눈금 측정 기계

오페라(OPERA) 7

생산성이 높은 자동 생산 시스템을 사용하여 가공 작업을 수행하여 일정한 성능 품질을 보장하는 대기업용으로 설계된 마감 센터입니다.

샌딩 및 눈금 측정 기계

오페라 R

이 부문의 기술로는 이전에는 결코 얻을 수 없었던 수준의 기계 가공성, 정밀도 및 품질을 제공하는 독특한 로봇 샌딩 머신입니다.

CNC 드릴링 및 밀링 기계


The new compact and versatile vertical boring machine that supports the machining of different thickness and size formats within a reduced footprint

CNC 드릴링 및 밀링 기계


The new compact and versatile vertical boring machine with reduced footprint, for machining panels of different thickness and sizes

CNC 드릴링 및 밀링 기계

브레마 벡터(Brema Vektor) 15

자재 취급 시스템


시간과 비용을 줄여 생산을 보장하는 대규모 계약 제조업체를 위한 패널의 최적화된 관리를 위한 자동화된 매거진.

목재용 빔 톱


특히 단일 부품용 또는 소형 시리즈용으로 설계되었기 때문에 중소기업의 니즈를 충족시킬 수 있는 패널 사이징 센터군.
The official guide to the event to discover technologies on display, highlights and all the scheduled seminars.
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Live the experience
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