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Beam saws for wood SELCO SK 4: Photo 1
Intuitive cutting-edge technology with reduced footprint
SELCO SK 4 is the range of cutting centres designed to satisfy the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises. It is easy to use, has advanced technical solutions and features great standard equipment.
The SELCO SK 4 has become the reference point in its sector.
Increased productivity by up to 25%, optimum management of production efficiencies and a ROI within the first year. The Twin Pusher, an exclusive patent for all Biesse beam saws, consists of two complementary pushing devices. An additional stop allows independent cutting of strips of up to 650 mm wide.
Best performance in its category
Fast, accurate positioning of the panels for optimum cutting precision, thanks to the robust pusher carriage activated by a brushless motor. The slide surface below the pushing device is fitted with independent rollers to avoid making any marks on panels with a delicate surface.
Beam saws for wood SELCO SK 4: Photo 2
Fast and easy adjustment for reduced cycle times
The Quick change system, patented by Biesse, is the quickest, safest and most ergonomic device for replacing blades without using specific tools.
Beam saws for wood SELCO SK 4: Photo 3

Biesse SELCO SK4 - Quick Blade Change

Biesse SELCO SK4 is equipped with the Quick Blade Change system (patented) which allows a tool-free replacement of the main blade and the scoring blade. The operation can be performed by one operator and grants a complete blade change in less than 1 minute.

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