Machinery for mass timber UNITEAM UT: Photo 1
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CNC processing centre

Uniteam UTUniteam UT is the work centre that can be used for processing small to medium large size post and beams, including 3-dimensional complex molding and large size CLT panels. The unique CNC processing center, granting high precision milling, consistency and flexibility
Machinery for mass timber UNITEAM UT: Photo 2
Machinery for mass timber UNITEAM UT: Photo 3

The mobile carriages that support the beam being processed run across the base below.

Machinery for mass timber UNITEAM UT: Photo 4

The work table is equipped with a hydraulic clamp with 250 mm vertical stroke for clamping the panel in position, along with a horizontal pushing device for securing the workpiece against the relevant stopper.

Machinery for mass timber UNITEAM UT: Photo 5

The unloader device at the output area of the machine consists of a series of supports with idler rollers for removing the machined panel.

Superb performance
Uniteam UT can be configured with various types of motor of up to 22 kW of power, in line with the various production requirements, for increased speed of execution. The work table, which is the only one of its kind on the market for this range of machines, enables panels of various formats to be locked in place, from very small pieces to larger panels of up to 24 metres in length, as well as X-Lam panels. The structure of the machine ensures maximum machining precision. High configurability, fast and powerful working units to support even the heaviest tools, a large work table that can lock a wide variety of panel sizes in position, and machining operations performed to the highest possible standards. This is Uniteam UT technology.
A range of configurations are available for various machining requirements
Uniteam UT was designed for performing machining operations on X-Lam (CLT) panels or on very long or unusually-shaped workpieces.
These processes require the machine to be equipped with several very powerful working units, as well as a range of large tools.
Machinery for mass timber UNITEAM UT: Photo 6
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