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Rochana Industries

Biesse helps boost Rochana's image among potential customers

Rochana affirms that they can close deals when potential customers see their production facilities

Customer: Rochana Industries
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

Incorporated in 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Rochana is a world-class contracting and interior services business that operates with its reputation on consistently delivering quality work on time and within a client’s budget. It aims to work with customers who value the highest levels of quality, safety, and technical expertise.

Since its inception, Rochana Group has seen exponential growth in its annual sales revenue in just a few years, from a few million dirhams to upwards of 50 million. In 2016, the Dubai-based company quickly expanded its market from Dubai to the neighboring emirates and several other countries in the GCC. Rochana plans on further expanding its markets to India, Africa, and GCC in the coming years.

Rochana has market-leading businesses in civil contracting services, wood, veneer and custom-made furniture services and delivers integrated services essential to the creation and care of assets including project design and consultancy, engineering and construction, and facilities management services. The group manufactures pre-fabricated buildings, wooden doors, fire-rated ducts, metal sections, exhibition stands, kitchen cabinets and fixtures, shop fixtures, metal partitions, and transport furniture for residential, hotel, and commercial interiors for building units and independent villas.

Rochana's team of 75 professionals consists of highly experienced managers, engineers, carpenters, machine operators, and installation specialists. The company is proud of its wealth of experience particularly from its management team who have had extensive careers working in design, build, and fit-out sectors of civil construction and pod manufacture. Rochana has a 15-year track record of satisfied local and international clientele, owing to their modern facilities and infrastructure, and qualified personnel that produce world-class products and services.

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Due to increasing demand for mass production, the company began its journey of finding a technology partner for its facilities by doing extensive research and studies about woodworking solutions offered by some of the leading international brands. When their team visited major exhibitions in the region, they learned about Biesse and its unique solutions. After meeting one of Biesse’s area manager, the team visited the Dubai Campus showroom and the rest as they say is history!

Rochana’s production facility currently employs the CNC-routing machine, Rover A; the panel-sizing machine, Selco SK 4; the edgebanding machine, Jade 340; and the vertical boring and inserting machine, Brema EKO 2.1, all of which were purchased at the same time.

“First impressions really last,” says Zaheer Uddin, Operations Manager of Rochana Industries. “We gain the trust of the customer after he visits our factory, when he sees for himself the technology and manpower we use in our production facilities. When customers see that our machines are from Biesse, we instantly gain their confidence and they become certain that we will do a great job. I can say that we acquired many of our existing contracts thanks to Biesse’s innovative solutions. We are definitely looking at expanding our production in the future and taking on more Biesse machines.”

First impressions really last.
Zaheer Uddin Operations Manager
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