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Arabian Company

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Arabian Co. believes that Biesse's service and support is like no other in the UAE

Customer: Arabian Company
City: Abu Dhabi
Country: United Arab Emirates

Arabian Company is part of the Arabian Group established in 1967, one of the leading importers of office, home, educational and lab furniture and allied equipment, electrical and mobile filing storage systems. Arabian Co. is also active in other fields such as oil field supplies, agencies, stocks, general trade, and turnkey projects. They produce a complete range of educational, laboratory, and library furniture and auditorium seating to meet the needs of the modern schools, universities and institutions. Different combinations of desks, chairs, kindergarten, and teacher furniture are produced in standard items whilst laboratories, libraries and computer rooms are designed for the specific and individual needs.

Arabian Co. is a one-stop turnkey solutions provider for all interior design and fit out works. They specialize in delivering precision fit outs to all areas of interior using retrospective designs. Their close-knit team of designers, architects and engineers are able to translate client ideas into successful projects that work both aesthetically and commercially. Their inhouse talent pool extends from project directors and managers, project engineers, production engineers, purchase departments, survey or quantity department, HSE and QA/QC officers and over 100 skilled technicians. Time management, material management and people management are the key components of turnkey projects that our teams are adept at handling.

Arabian Company embodies all the elements of synergetic team work. At one end of the spectrum, they have Arco Consultancy that produces exquisite designs formulated by the minds of its creative team. At the other end, they have Arco Interiors that execute designs with the highest precision and outcome. Together, the group allows for exceptional ideas to be delivered on time with perfection every time. The holistic approach integrates interior solutions of the highest quality with state-of-the-art technology. Their work environment radiates warmth and a personal approach, wile the use of inventive materials, custom furnishings and own original artwork define their signature style.

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“The interior fit out process is an overwhelming experience that requires us to incorporate luxury with finely crafted detail and an unwavering touch to the final finishes,” says Georges Basmadji, General Manager of Arabian Company. “This is to create timeless developments that are not just beautiful and current but to create liveable spaces that you look forward to being in.”

Arabian Co.’s relationship with Biesse began in 2015 when they decided to purchase Skill 1536 flat table CNC machine that is capable of creating the furniture that they required that time. Georges has had a good reputation of the Biesse technology even before he joined the company. After careful research and learning about the Dubai subsidiary that represents Biesse in the Middle East, they decided to make Biesse their technology partner. Arabian Co. was extremely delighted with the service and training they have received from Biesse as well as the bespoke service and relationship they receive from the Italian company.

To date, Arabian Co. has purchased five machines including Skill 1536, Jade 240, SK 450, Active Drill, and Opera 5. “The service that Biesse has provided to us from the time we bought our first machine is simply incomparable. We have never met such a team that provides service from maintenance to repairs of the machines. Everything we need to run our company—from service to spare parts—is provided directly by Biesse and is always available whenever we need them. Without Biesse’s technology, we cannot increase our productivity and we cannot customize our products according to the needs of our customers.”

The service that Biesse has provided to us from the time we bought our first machine is simply incomparable.
Georges Basmadji General Manager, Arabian Co. Joinery
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