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Biesse India Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Biesse India has been associated with (IWST) Institute of Wood Science and Technology since 2009.

Biesse India Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

This collaboration has culminated in the establishment of a Diploma course in advanced woodworking. The course is being conducted in Advanced Woodworking Training Centre (AWTC) in IWST campus. The first semester of this one-year diploma course commenced in July 2018 with a batch of 16 students including some international students. This comprehensive program has been designed for the future operators, technicians and supervisors with relevant training, in line with industry requirements and also encourages participants to become successful entrepreneurs.

The course is affiliated with Furniture & Fittings Skill Council, under National Skill Development Corporation. Biesse, which set up operations in India in 2008, realised that the lack of skilled manpower could impede the huge potential for the development of woodworking industry in the country. In line with the Group’s vision and as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Biesse decided to promote vocational training and technical education in woodworking technologies and processes. Biesse had equipped AWTC with a Rover A 3.30 Pods & Rails CNC machine in 2009. More than 1000 people have undergone short term training on this machine.

The company has signed a Memorandum with IWST for a period of five years under which it affirms its commitment to provide the infrastructure viz.: machines, systems, software, rejuvenate and maintain existing equipment and finance to sustain this project.  On top of the existing Rover A 3.30 Pods & Rails CNC machine, Biesse has equipped AWTC with Active Edge 60 semi-automatic edge banding machine and Jade 240 automatic through feed edge banding machine and the latest Rover K FT 1224 CNC Machining Centre with bSolid, in 2018.

Sensing the need for greener earth, Biesse India has recently planted more than 250 samplings near Jakkasandra Village, Bengaluru rural. The samplings are growing well with proper care from Biesse India. Realizing the basic need of the local community, Biesse India has constructed Public drinking water plant at Shivanapura Village, Bengaluru. Bore-wells have been installed and pipelines have been laid with the support of Biesse funding to supply water at local villages near Bengaluru. India is known for its unity in diversity. Languages and Festivals have been integral part of Indian culture. Biesse has been donating money to the local associations for the festival celebration and been a part of these as well from many years. Recently cotton bags were donated for local linguistic initiative of State level Kannada Conference 2018. As part of personality development program, a Book written by Biesse India HR head would be distributed soon to the local libraries.

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