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Top reasons how Edge Banding machines are the ultimate solution for woodworking Excellence

Creating something out of wood is a work of art one needs to have a proper understanding, ideas, and execution knowledge. Woodworking involves carving out items out of wood like cabinetry and furniture. It is the craft of carpentry and skills allied with fabricating things out of wood. 

Edgebanding plays an essential role in woodworking as it smoothes the raw edges of wood that could be a serious problem in your end product. 

What is Edgebanding?

Edgebanding is a thin material used to seal the exposed edges of the wood. Edgebanding is used in covering up plywood sides, matching a furniture’s finished look, and contributing to protecting the inner plywood from possibly wrapping. 

Why is Edgebanding Important?

Edgebanding is an essential step involved in any kind of woodworking. It covers various significant factors that contribute to the flawless finishing of the item and elevates the standards of durability and build. Listing below few points of importance: 

  • Keeps the wooden item moisture-free. 
  • Escalates the level of longevity and strength of the wooden item
  • Smoothes the raw and sharp edges of the furniture 

Functions of Edgebanding Machine

Edgebanding is a machine of high accuracy and efficiency. It adds clean and apt finishing to your wooden products. Edgebanding contributes to spotless finished products. Listing below few features of Edgebanding machine: 

1) Trimming: Edgebanding machine holds the automatic tracking of the model and the high-frequency and high-speed motor fast cutting structure that ensures an apt smoothness and flatness of the cutting section. 

2) Gluing and sealing: With the apt structure of the machine, it ensures more firm adhesive by uniformly gluing the double-sided edge sealing plate and edge sealing material. 

3) Roughing/Finishing: The perfect smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimming plate is achieved with the help of the automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor structure consolidated in the machine. It supports repairing and processing the surplus edge sealing materials above and below the edge sealing strip of the plate. 

4) Profiling Tracking: The up and down rounding device of the machine contributes to making the plate and face smooth. 

5) Edge Scraping: It helps in diminishing the ripple marks created by the cutting process of non-linear movement of trimming. It makes the upper and lower part of the plate smoother. 

6) Polishing: It cleans the processed plate with the cotton polishing wheel to smooth the end face of edge sealing.

7) Slotting: The machine holds a function of slotting, which involves directly slotting the side plate and bottom plate of the wardrobe to reduce the process of the cutting saw, making it more convenient by reducing the time. It is also used in slotting the aluminum edge of the door panel. 

Top 5 Edgebanding Machines 

Edgebanding machines contribute by providing smooth wooden products with beautiful and artistic finishing and even edges. Listing below top 5 Edgebanding machines for wood, designed for simple, customized production and flexible solutions. 

1) JADE 300 (Edge Trimming Machine)

JADE 300 is from the range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines used for edge trimming. It is designed to improve and automate production and for industry sectors manufacturing made-to-measure products. 

Features to highlight:

  • Design aligned to the specific production requirements
  • Outstanding performance
  • Focuses on details 

Find it here: JADE 300 (Edge Trimming Machine)

2) AKRON 1300 (Hot Air Edge Banding Machine)

AKRON 1300 is a hot air edge banding machine from the single-sided range of edgebanding machines created with a vision of providing a machine with easy user experience, customized production, flexible solutions in a limited space. 

Features to highlight: 

  • High-quality finishing 
  • User-friendly 
  • Maximum working precision 

Find it here: AKRON 1300 (Hot Air Edge Banding Machine)


STREAM A SMART is an advanced range of automatic single-sided edgebanding machines. It is designed to elevate the user experience in terms of ease of use. STREAM A SMART customizes and manages the production aligning with the user’s needs and requirements. 

Features to highlight: 

  • Highly reliable for all the industrial machines
  • Elevated the quality of finishing 
  • Full configurability for every customer request

Find it here: STREAM A SMART


STREAM C is the range of highly reliable and productive square and edgebanding machines. It supports both square and edgebanding operations to be carried out using a single system on both the transverse and longitudinal sides of a panel. 

Features to highlight:

  • Perfect gluing surface
  • Excellent performance and execution of operation courtesy of specific  solutions designed for preparing the panel for the subsequent machining phase
  • Units developed to meet all flexibility and productivity requirements 

Find it here: STREAM C


STREAM B MDS is the ideal flexible single-sided squaring and edgebanding machine designed for small batches that meets the need for total flexibility of medium to large companies. The machine is integrated into automatic production lines that support increased productivity, squareness, and finished panels of different shapes and sizes. 

Features to highlight: 

  • Minimizes factory floor footprint, costs and impact
  • Production efficiency due to automatic panel loading and unloading systems
  • High level of flexibility due to perfect management by line supervisor and barcode systems 

Find it here: STREAM B MDS


Edgebanding machines are the ultimate solution for woodworking. They are created with a perspective of technology serving with the utmost ease and simplicity.  They contribute to providing an innovative and user-friendly experience for artisan producers and companies.  You can browse through Biesse to find an ideal Edgebanding machine that aligns with your business needs and requirements. 

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