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What are CNC Machines? A Guide to choose CNC machines for your Wood Carving Needs

CNC machines are a perfect example of how ideas and technology align to create new and imaginative designs. CNC machines are high performance and flexible for wood with carpentry and large industrial solutions. This article will provide you with a concise guide to choosing CNC machines for your business. 

What is a CNC Wood Carving Machine?

CNC Wood Carving Machine is a kind of automatic machine tool with a Computer numerical control system supporting automatic carving, engraving, cutting, milling, drilling and grooving on different materials, such as wood, foam, stone, plastics, acrylic, glass, ACM, copper, brass, aluminium, PVC, MDF, etc. 

Application of CNC Machines for Wood

A CNC Machine is a versatile tool that consolidates numbers of functionality, making shaping, structuring and designing material an easy task to do. 

  • 2D Carving
  • 3D Carving
  • Woodworking
  • Aluminium Fabrication
  • Acrylic Fabrication
  • Exhibits and Fixtures
  • Architectural Millwork
  • Cabinet Making
  • Sign Making
  • Door Making
  • Furniture Making
  • Mould Making
  • Decorations
  • Musical Instruments
  • Aerospace

Working of CNC Machine

A CNC machine is connected and controlled by a computer. All necessary data are in the form of G-codes, assembling into a CNC program. The G-codes consist of a “G” followed by a number and type of milling work instruction. Since these codes are standardised, they may be based on a CNC router software used in almost all CNC router machines. When all data has been inserted, and the CNC program is ready, the CNC machine can start its work. 

Manufacturers have added their own codes to the ISO G-codes. Therefore, various post-processors exist to ultimately generate "matching" programs from CAM programs for all different machines. 

Top 5 CNC Wood Carving Machine

CNC Machines are categorised on the basis of functionality. We have picked up the top 5 CNC Machines for you that align with your business needs. Listing below the best CNC machines for wood:

1) Rover A Smart 16 (Smart CNC Router)

Rover A Smart 16 is a product possessing remarkable performance with great finishing. It holds optimum precision with high finish quality. Rover A Smart 16  is an easy and user-friendly 5-axis CNC machining centre for producing any type of furnishing item. It is an ideal product for both small and large joineries manufacturing either irregular shaped components or standard-sized components in small batches. 

Features to highlight: 

  • Capable to process large size
  • Diminished tool changeover time 
  • Accessible and Intuitive

Find it here: Rover A Smart 16 (Smart CNC Router)

2) Rover A Edge 15/18 (3d edge banding Machine)

Rover A Edge 15/18 is an advanced edgebanding CNC centre with a gantry structure created to produce shaped, edge-banded panels on a single machine. The suitable product for artisans and small/medium-sized businesses fulfilling their need for excellent machining quality and ease of use with long-term reliability.

Features to highlight:

  • Increased machine productivity 
  • Designed to make user’s life easy and efficient 
  • Reliability and Robustness

Find it here: Rover A Edge 15/18 (3d edge banding Machine)

3) Rover S FT 

Rover S FT is a product designed as a gantry machining centre for applying nesting to wood, wood-based materials, plastic-based and non-ferrous materials machining. Rover S FT model of CNC machines holds a wide range of sizes enabling panels of all dimensions typical of nesting processes to be machined. It allows consumers to choose the most suitable machine according to their requirements. 

Features to highlight: 

  • Extreme productivity 
  • High processing flexibility 
  • Customization according to the product requirements 

Find it here: Rover S FT

4) Rover C

Rover C is ideally suitable for manufacturing furniture, staircase, and door and window components of any shape, size, and thickness with ease. This CNC machining centre is designed to be used for heavy-duty processing that requires large-size tools and aggregates.

Features to highlight: 

  • Advanced solution for optimal performance 
  • Customisable configurations to meet all your production needs
  • Complete machinability of thick components, transit in Z of pieces to 500 MM 

Find it here: Rover C

5) Uniteam UT (Heavy Duty CNC Machine)

Uniteam UT  is the work centre that can be used to machine very large beams or elements with more complex shapes. Uniteam UT consists of machine panels of various dimensions covering all your requirements. 

Features to highlight: 

  • Reduction of production cycles
  • Various configurations are available to meet all requirements
  • A wide range of possible machining operations

Find it here: Uniteam UT (Heavy Duty CNC Machine)


Technology has elevated productivity by lowering manpower. The CNC machine is such an example of a revolutionary and innovative gadget that supports reducing efforts. CNC machines provide a user with an efficient output. 

This article provided you with a brief guide to understand CNC machines and choose a suitable machine that flourishes your business with higher productivity and results. 

















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