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Ligna 2023

15-19 May 2023 See timetable
Hannover, Germany Open in Maps
Biesse a Ligna Master of materials, since 1969.

From 15th till the 19th of May, in took place in Hall 11, the wordwide event for woodworking technologies.

At Ligna was presented The evolution of automated technologies capable of guaranteeing a decisive increase in production and complete reliability of both the production process and loading and unloading operations.

It was available visitors an integrated system in action consisting of sizing and nesting solutions, with automatic loading and unloading connected to each other thanks to SmartConnection, the software for the company's management of orders. 

We have also shown you how technological innovation meets sustainability.

Technologies on display
Biesse experts
Ligna 2023: Photo 1
Selco WN 6 + Rover B FT HD + ROS + Winstore
Integrated system capable of maximising customer competitiveness by combining mass production techniques with a high degree of customisation to meet customers’ exact requirements.
Ligna 2023: Photo 2
Stream MDS 2.0 + Robot + Sorter (NEW)
Fexible singlesided squaring and edgebanding machine can be integrated into automatic production lines, guaranteeing increased productivity, squareness and finished panels of different shapes and sizes. Designed to minimize factory floor footprint, costs and impact, it allows users to perform Batch-one operations both simply and effectively.
Ligna 2023: Photo 3
Stream A + Winner W4
It enables users to ramp up production up to 2 work shifts. It seamlessly adapt to any machining needs thanks to its configuration possibilities.
Ligna 2023: Photo 4
Rover A 15/18 + Synchro (NEW)

Designed for customers who want to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly but with excellent results. 

Ligna 2023: Photo 5
Brema Vektor 15 INS
It enables sequentially drilling and/or inserting the hardware on various sizes panels, without any manual set-up. 
Ligna 2023: Photo 6
Opera 5
Finishing centre designed to satisfy the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises that require versatility with a high technology content.
Ligna 2023: Photo 7
Opera R2
Automated artisan skills. Opera R is the robotised sanding machine that is unique, offering levels of machinability, precision and quality never before obtained with the technology of this sector.
Ligna 2023: Photo 8

Did you miss the fair? Relive it in streaming on our platform.

Ligna 2023: Photo 9
Ligna 2023: Photo 10
Ligna 2023: Photo 11
Ligna 2023: Photo 12
Ligna 2023: Photo 13
Ligna 2023: Photo 14
Ligna 2023: Photo 15
Ligna 2023: Photo 16
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Ligna 2023
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Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany Open in Maps
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