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Cnc machine for advanced materials ROVER PLAST B FT: Photo 1
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The Rover Plast B FT machining centre with gantry and FT table for processing plastic and composite material, typically used in the automotive, construction, defense, technical ar­ticle and energetic sector.

Cnc machine for advanced materials ROVER PLAST B FT: Photo 2
Precision and flexibility across all types of machining operation
Rover Plast B FT has an extremely solid and well-balanced structure designed to withstand considerable machining stress and guarantee outstanding results.
Performance without limits
The only solution for performing milling and cutting operations on technological materials. The tangential/oscillating blade, coupled with a camera for reading print markers, supports the full processing of materials for the graphic arts industry. The precision and quality typical of Rover's technology support the perfect execution of all standard machining centre processing operations.
Integrate robot solutions
Rover Plast B FT can be perfectly integrated in a line with robots (ROS) and loading/unloading systems. The ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the loading/unloa¬ding operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.
Cnc machine for advanced materials ROVER PLAST B FT: Photo 3

Biesse Rover Plast B FT and Winstore - Advanced Material Components Production

The Rover Plast B FT is the ideal solution for machining materials which vary in terms of format, size, thickness, composition and structure. The work table guarantees maximum hold and reliability when locking panels to be machined in place.

Biesse ROVER B FT - Foam Routing - Advanced Materials

See the Biesse ROVER B FT CNC machine processing foam components. All the experience and DNA of BIESSE is brought to the Advanced Materials market segment to help customers with the most effective and technological solutions.

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