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Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 1
Flexibility and performances in ‘just-in-time’ processing

Matrix is the NC drilling and inserting machine for line installation that combines versatility, flexibility and performance to manage "on demand" production in the best possible way.

Matrix allows to process a work order in sequence and with zero set-up time. Matrix is the ideal machine for furniture manufacturers as it can be integrated in stretched flows.

Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 2
The "insertion only" version is particularly suitable for use with the Insider drilling machine.
Execution of complex machining operations, thanks to the possibility to work 5 faces of the panel.
Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 3
Outstanding versatility guaranteed by an 8-place tool-holder magazine directly on the machine.
Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 4
Automatic tray feed and recovery.
Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 5
The wide configurability of Matrix allows the customer to perform multiple operations in a single machine.
Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 6
Operating groups for inserting bushes, pins, bases, hanging supports and gluing
Bohrmaschinen MATRIX: Foto 7
Working units for the insertion of telescopic and classic guides, whether of the press-on or screw-on type.
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