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We are here for the life-time of your Biesse investment
Michael Bullock Biesse CEO



Biesse has launched FREE Masterclass Training events for its customers. This is a great way to ensure your machines are running efficiently, effectivity and maximising your productivity!

Biesse Technical Trainers focus on how to correctly maintain your machine, reducing your running costs and ensuring consistency in the output quality of each job.

Michael Bullock, Biesse CEO Says “It is often said that people are a business’s best asset, yet to maintain that sentiment it is imperative that a company keeps investing in its people. At Biesse we strive to ensure our customers “Live the Experience”, The Masterclass training events we are offering have enabled us to  ensure that we work in partnership with our customers and bring real value to their businesses and our machines. We’re here for the life-time of your Biesse investment.”

During the CNC Masterclass, operators are learning how to prolong the life of the machine with general maintenance, troubleshooting of common errors, Machine tooling and tool replacements. Customers have been pleased to have all their questions answered during the flexible questions/answer part of the training.

Whilst the CNC masterclass has been a great success, the Edgebander Masterclass has also had classes booked out, with the Masterclass training sessions focusing on everyday servicing skills, gluepot maintenance and control programming.

Software and bSolid Masterclass has been introduced following multiple customer requests on software training. The bSolid Masterclass was launched at the Biesse Sydney Campus in September. Following a fully booked event, the bSolid Masterclass made it’s way to Melbourne and will continue to travel through to other states and New Zealand.

Stay tuned for more masterclass events. To register your interest, write to info@biesse.com.au

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