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Biesse is a quality product that can handle anything we throw at it
Daniel Tutuian Trade Cabinets

Located in the outer south eastern suburb of Lynbrook, Trade Cabinets is fast becoming one of Victoria’s largest ‘cut-to-size’ suppliers to trade professionals in the joinery and cabinet making industry. For Trade Cabinets’ three owners, Denis Iancu, Daniel Tutuian and Daniel Upton (sometimes referred to as the 3Ds), the business model is simple -- focus on what matters to cabinet makers: Customisation, quality, price, and organised service with a smile. Behind the scenes, Trade Cabinet’s is making this happen by continually pushing the boundaries to improve their product and service, and have gone from strength to strength, even during the challenges of 2020.

When asked why they choose to use Biesse Flatbed CNC Routers, Daniel Tutuian says, “Biesse is a quality product that can handle anything we throw at it. Our 2014 Biesse Skill 1836 FT is still going strong after 6 years with some serious hours under its belt. And our newer 2018 Rover S 2412 is an impressive machine that brings together Biesse’s strong track record in hardware, along with the sleek new B Solid software. In our business, every sheet counts, so the fact that this machine is cloud connected gives us the flexibility to update and load files on the fly, making our CNC operators more efficient. Also, because we run ‘just-in-time’ production, we need to keep our downtime to a minimum.

Over recent years, Biesse has made significant improvements in their service division, giving us confidence that Biesse is there for us if something does go wrong. It also helps to have our excellent sales rep. Shannon Quirk on our side, who’s just a phone call away if we get into a pickle”. While Trade Cabinets isn’t out to re-invent the wheel, the owners’ varied backgrounds have brought fresh eyes to the industry. Denis, the founding owner of Cut To Size Pty Ltd (now trading as Trade Cabinets), brings a deep knowledge of joinery and cabinet making to the business. After three years as a sole operator with one employee, the two Daniels joined as owners, with the goal of growing Trade Cabinets into a major supplier of pre-assembled cabinetry products to cabinet makers and other trades. Trade Cabinets now has a team of 15 employees and has made significant steps towards that goal in just 3 years.

As a builder, Daniel Tututian’s hands on practical and project management skills have driven change and growth, while Daniel Upton’s past life as a scientist makes him very process and systems driven. Daniel Upton says “of course you need key people with core skills to understand our client’s needs and get the product right, but the task of growing and driving positive change in a business is a skill set in itself. For example, our General Manager, Rob Rabba, has a strong background in customer service focused businesses, something we see as vital to our success”. On the topic of fresh ideas and innovation, Daniel Tutuian says, “it’s not good enough to just do something because that’s the way it has been done in the past. We are strong believers in utilizing technology to improve productivity and efficiency and we work hard to implement technologies and systems that make us more competitive and improve our service offering. If that means taking ideas from other industries, we do it. Of course, the basics haven’t changed, so keeping the machines that are the backbone of our operation up-to-date is a priority. We see Biesse as a partner that we can grow with; a trusted brand that can keep us in touch with the latest production technology. Which fits nicely with our overall philosophy of staying current and always questioning how (and why) we do things the way we do.”

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