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Moda Life

The giant that furnishes Turkish homes

Turkey is a country that is experiencing rapid growth. We manufacture living and sleeping area furniture that we sell through our network of 160 showrooms across Turkey, set to increase to 500 by 2017.

Customer: Moda Life
City: Ankara
Country: Turkey

We deliver end customer orders in full within 24 hours, thanks to a 1,800 people- strongorganisation. Everydaywebuild over 2,000 different pieces of furniture.

Moda Life: Photo 1
You can only get to a turnover of US$ 100 million per year thanks to a great organisation and technology that delivers strength, speed, productivity, flexibility and utmost reliability.
The energy that Biesse gives us is a very positive one: it's a partnership that provides us exactly with what we need and allows us to tackle our challenges knowing that producing large volumes to a high quality standard will never be a problem for us.
Ozcan Tonga Founder
Ozcan Tonga
Moda Life: Photo 2
Moda Life: Photo 3
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