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Customer: Kitchen Mania
City: Auckland
Country: New Zealand

Established in 2009, Kitchen Mania creates quality kitchens accessible for New Zealanders. Made in New Zealand using the finest materials, Kitchen Mania offers the best of kitchen design, processing, manufacturing and installation in the Auckland region.

This is the story of Kitchen Mania and how their investment in Biesse Technology has advanced their business. Kitchen Mania started on a shoestring, with the purchase of a second hand Biesse CNC machine with 4 staff, and today has grown to over 60 staff and the purchase of a Winstore, Selco, Rover B FT HD and Rover A FT.

When it came to investing in a new line of machinery, Owner Carl Arnold tells how it was important that Kitchen Mania could rely on a company that has people on the ground in New Zealand, and people that understood their business and what they were trying to achieve.

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