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Mehrwert für Maschinen
Unternehmen 15. Mai 2019
Mehrwert für Maschinen
Inbetriebnahme der eintausendsten Maschine mit SOPHIA in Deutschland.
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Made with Lago, a partnership in the name of design. 22. Mai 2019
Biesse is proud to share with Lago the passion for aesthetics and the attention to quality, supporting design at the center of the business chain. Biesse and Lago face the challenge of responding to customer needs in a sustainable perspective.
Made With BMT Bagni, a partnership to manage the digital factory 17. Mai 2019
Biesse with BMT Bagni is proud to face the digital challenge by sharing the opportunities offered by digitalisation and responding to the needs of a market that requires digital control of the factory.
Messen & Events 15. Mai 2019
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