ROVER AS 15: Фото 1
The first investment for great growth
Rover AS 15 is the new CNC processing centre offering top performance and flexibility. It’s designed for the customer who wants to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly and economically.
Maximum customization
Rover AS 15 is ideal for the production of any element such as windows, doors, stairs, work-tops, furnishing items and much more besides.
Working Unit
Top-of-the-range components
The new BH29 2L boring head is equipped with automatic lubrication. It’s liquid-cooled for maximum precision.
ROVER AS 15: Фото 2
User friendly technology
The high technological content of the world’s most popular machining centres, meets the requirements of wood industry professionals.
The 5-axis operating head, equipped with 13 kW HSD spindle and with 360° continuous rotation on the vertical axis, enables the machining of complex‑shapes ensuring quality, precision and absolute long term reliability
ROVER AS 15: Фото 3
Maximum operator safety
Biesse machines are designed to work in complete safety.
ROVER AS 15: Фото 4
ROVER AS 15: Фото 5

Set Up Assistance

For the quick, easy and controlled manual positioning of the clamping systems. The linear sensors in the work table, along with the collision control function, reduce the risk of collisions

ROVER AS 15: Фото 6
Advanced Table-Setting System
For the quick and easy manual positioning of the clamping systems.
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