NC edgebanding
machining centre

Technical details
Manufacturing shaped
and edgebanded panels
with a single machine

Rover A Edge is an edgebanding machining centre that supports the machining of shaped panels, which can be edgebanded on a single, compact, high performance machine.
It is ideally suited to small and large joineries that need to manufacture either odd size products or standard size products in small batches.

When competitiveness means being able to satisfy any requirements

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Optimal edge grip


Similar to line edgebanding machines, the glue is applied directly onto the panel in order to ensure optimal adhesion quality.

Glue feed occurs during the machining process via the granule feeding system within in integrated glue head. With the glue being stored in granules, only the required quantity is released for melting.

Presser roller quick changeover kit with reduced diameter version. This ensures the correct pressure is delivered when switching from thick to thin edges as well as small radius curves.


Additional glue pots fitted with quick-release electrical system for PU granule adhesives.

Many solutions for perfect finishes.

Edgebanding strip finishing aggregate with three functions. Particularly suitable for machining panels with a delicate or glossy surface, or with a protective film.

Blower and anti-adhesive liquid dispensing aggregate.

Brusher aggregate with glue removal liquid dispenser.

Robust edgebanding

Edgebanding has always been based on applying glue directly to the panel; Biesse has followed this principle and applied it to straight edgebanding as well as shaped edgebanding performed by machining centres.

Maximum bonding, possibility of applying thin edges and 3D transparent edges, easy maintenance and panel cleaning during the machining cycle. A perfect combination of Biesse technology and Italian genius.

Simplify edgebanding programming.

bEdge is a bSolid plug-in, seamlessly integrated, for edgebanding planning.


Technical Data

Rover A Edge

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