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Technical details
Produces high volumes
of both small and large format components.

Excel represents the ultimate in this product category in terms of reliability and flexibility for machining more challenging components, from solid wood to nesting panels, from small doors to items of furniture, frames for sofas, composite materials and light alloys. Designed for all users, from the skilled craftsman to large enterprises the Excel machining centre offers maximum flexibility and productivity.

When competitiveness means
high quality and
total flexibility.


Total customisation.

The machine can be configured according to customer processing requirements, providing all users with fully-customized modular solutions.

Excel can be configured with EPS for the ATS (pod and rail) version or with aluminium flat tables.

Doubled functionality.

Excel machines with two working tables and two independent heads achieves maximum configuration with up to 16 units, which can process four components simultaneously on each table.

Excellent performance with a 100% productivity increase compared to conventional processing centers. A perfect combination of Biesse flexibility and Italian genius. GUARDA IL VIDEO

Massima configurabilità dei gruppi operatori su tutte le taglie.

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Increase performance.

A range of machining options thanks to the working distance spanning from 250 to 400 mm.

The option to configure the machine with additional independent carriages (up to two independent carriages at the front and one at the rear) allows for significant increases in performance and productivity.

Advanced technology work tables for machining of components of varying sizes and materials.

The ATS system provides maximum flexibility for holding components as well as automatic configuration via the EPS (Electronic Positioning System).

The FT work tables guarantee maximum precision as they can be ‘skimmed’ by the machine following installation.

Vacuum modules can be freely positioned on the flat table matrix bed.

Aluminium working tables are mainly used for the processing of light alloys where tool lubrication systems are required.

On the ATS version, the EPS (Electronic Positioning System) allows users to automatically configure the entire working area.

High productivity achieved by processing several components simultaneously.

Excel TT allows users to machine large-format components in various ways.

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