Dall'idea del prodotto alla realizzazione efficiente dell'impianto.

Quando competitività significa anticipare le esigenze del mercato.

Biesse Systems è un team di esperti engineering capace di interpretare e anticipare le esigenze delle aziende, che segue il cliente dall'idea alla completa realizzazione dell'impianto.
Leader nel settore, nel corso degli anni è diventata partner di clienti attenti a cogliere l'evoluzione di un mercato sempre più esigente e che intendono avvalersi di soluzioni tecnologiche integrate, grazie all'ottimizzazione e l'efficienza dei processi produttivi Biesse.

Biesse Systems

The guiding strategy of the Biesse Systems team is based on clear key concepts.

1. Definite lead times

A perfect knowledge of the production process.
The importance of reducing the time for responding to the market, to ensure speed and flexibility. With Biesse Systems solutions, the customer is sure of knowing the order dispatch time and is able to maximise it, meeting market requests within even just 24 hours

2. Automation

The certainty of the production process action.
As part of the automation process, the machine optimises its performance constantly and continuously. Biesse Systems solutions offer the customer the certainty of knowing what is produced with an OEE level (Overall Equipment Effectiveness - the index of total system efficiency) of 83%.

3. Stock management

Warehouse optimization.
The creation of an integration process also means the optimisation of the warehouse flow, as it guarantees a stock reduction thanks to the possibility to programme production on the basis of actual sales.

4. Modularity

The certainty of the investment.
The integrated lines of Biesse Systems take a modular approach to design, so they can be expanded at any time. This means the customer can measure and calibrate investments according to market trends and the future developments of his/her factory.

5. Qualità totale

A perfect knowledge of the production process allows the customer to ensure quality in every step. Automation reduces the risk of error to zero, and manual intervention enables a leaning towards perfect production output.

Smart Factory
Batch-One solution

Un impianto lean production capace di lavorare fino a 1.200 pezzi per turno.



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