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SELCO WNA 7 is a range of cutting systems offering two fully independent cutting lines with automated loading that respond to the requirements of the furniture industry. SELCO WNA 7 is an innovative solution, unique in its sector in terms of productivity and flexibility.

Simultaneous multiple action.

System for performing simultaneous transverse cuts due to the two fully independent pushing devices and two completely independent motor-less grippers. This mechanism changes distance between the two pushing devices and therefore their working field. This enables the processing of panels up to 5700 x 2700 mm.

Significant reduction of processing times thanks to the possibility of combining the grippers with any type of cutting patterns in a single cycle. A perfect combination of Biesse optimisation and Italian genius. WATCH THE VIDEO

Quick set-up times.

Patented systems for quick and easy regulation.

The “Quick change” system is the quickest, most ergonomic and safest device for changing blades without using tools.

Fast, accurate setting of the scoring and main blades, using the Digiset system.

Thanks to the system for the automated change of the main blade and the relevant software, the blade can be changed in a fully automated manner in just a few seconds, ensuring precise adjustment and reducing cycle times at the same time.

Automatic scoring blade alignment. The patented system automatically aligns the scoring blade in seconds.

Top-quality finished product.

The double presser, with a double, independent structure, enables the application of consistent, controlled pressure to the stack of panels to be cut, thanks to the continuous gripper action, which also creates an actual sealed chamber for trim cuts and an efficient vacuum for the removal of dust.

Produttività assoluta su qualsiasi schema.

A wide range of configuration possibilities and cutting patterns.

Reduced panel loading and downloading times.

Special solutions for handling stacks and feeding and unloading panels available upon request.

Infeed conveyors with free-running or powered rollers allow the loading and side or rear unloading of panel stacks.

Double-level infeed conveyor. Thanks to the reduced footprint, which utilises height, the double-level infeed conveyor enables the optimisation of space and is perfectly suited to production sites that cannot accommodate two conveyors side by side.

The lift table consists of a strong frame which is equipped with a special structure to load the pack of panels directly by forklift.

Ease of use and practicality.

The numerical control guarantees the fully automated management of the execution of cutting patterns, and optimises all movements relative to controlled axes (i.e. pusher and saw carriage, pressure beam, blade height). It ensures the blade protrudes from the book to the correct height during sectioning, and calculates the most suitable cutting speed on the basis of the book height and trim cut width. It helps ensure the best cutting quality at all times.

Technical Data

Selco WNA 7


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