Hydraulic hot press

Технические детали
Maximum pressure,
perfect gluing.

Blaze 120 is the hydraulic hot press for pressing laminates, veneer onto mdf, plywood and chipboard.

When competitiveness means increasing productivity.

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Glueing compression.

The lower platen moves by actuation of hydraulic oil cylinders. The press is used for various applications. It works on the premise of Pascal’s law “when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confied flid, it propagates in all directions with the same intensity”.

Biesse Blaze 120 thermic oil heating technology takes full advantage of the maximum heating temperature of 120 °C which is ideal for activating the glue for perfect gluing.

Easy maintenance and safe operations.

Emergency safety rope all around the periphery of the machine ensures added safety for the operator.

The machine is equipped with a 5.6” PLC Touch screen for easy setting and quick monitoring of the functions.

Технические данные



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