Boring and
inserting machines

Технические детали
Low investment,
high performance.

Insider Door is a family of machines designed to carry out boring (Insider Door FB) or boring-insertion (Insider Door KB) operations in a flexible way on doors, fronts and frames. Insider Door is designed to guarantee maximum flexibility, to best respond to contract manufacturing requirements.

When competitiveness means responding to all requests.


Top quality for any type of machining operation.

Insider Door supports the automation of boring and boring-insertion operations, guaranteeing the achievement of optimal finish quality for machining operations, coupled with the precision of a numerical control machine.

  • Boring from below with hinge chuck.
  • Boring from above and/or below for handles, knobs, bumpers, etc.
  • Insertion of hinges and bumpers.
  • Horizontal boring for anuba hinges.

Ground-breaking technology, for top performance.

The technical solutions adopted by Insider Door allow optimal machining performance without the risk of damaging the panel, also when handling delicate materials.

Full plant integrability.

Insider Door can be used as a stand-alone machine or within a cell with automatic piece handling, to increase productivity. In both cases, the machine is managed by a single operator.

The piece handling system with controlled clamps has been specifically designed so as to prevent any positioning errors and to better handle the machining of delicate pieces. 

The pressers secure the piece during machining without scratching it and without compromising machine productivity.

Motorised machined piece transport system.

Example of cell with different types of panel transport systems.


The user interface PC with Windows operating system is perfectly integrated with management software packages and network systems available on the market.

Many functionalities, such as assisted graphic editor, parametric programming, machining head graphic equipment, importing of files in DXF and CID format - and many more - enable the machine to be used in an easy, intuitive way.

Технические данные

Insider Door

  mm mm
X  7875 7875
Y 3900 3180
H 2000 2000
Altezza del piano di lavoro 900 900
Velocità di rotazione mandrini 6000 rpm
Velocità assi X/Y/Z 135/100/25 m/min
Velocità di rotazione elettromandrino 24000 rpm
Campo di lavoro utile (min-max)
lunghezza 2500 mm
larghezza 97-800 (240-800 cerniere inserite)
altezza 13-30 mm

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